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Starting a custom home building project can feel so intimidating and overwhelming, many people don’t know where to turn. We understand. After making the decision to build the home of your dreams the realization sets in. There are so many aspects to consider. “Where do I start?” “How do I find the right company?” It can be a daunting venture unless you work with experienced, skilled, craftsmen that know how to take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

When you hire Civic Contracting Ltd,  you will have the confidence to know you are in the best hands so take a deep breath and let’s get started. We are serving customers in the Greater Toronto area; Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown.

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Step 1: Develop Your Vision

During our no-obligation consultation, we will want to hear all of your parameters, including your vision, priorities, budget considerations, and extra features. Here are a few pointers that may help define your parameters.

Overall vision: To start the momentum, take time to jot down your ideas and thoughts about your custom home. Review home design magazines, home building television shows, and simply drive around the area and take snapshots of homes that exhibit your tastes and preferences. For example, will you need extra space in the future for a growing family? Are you interested in one or more fireplace installations? What elements will kick it up a notch to create the home of your dreams? The lighting? The flooring? The ceilings?

Budget Considerations: Even the wealthiest of clients prefer to keep costs down and do so without cutting important corners. After determining your priorities, you will be able to convey:
  • Overall structure and style: Such as Ranch, Colonial, Georgian, Contemporary, Craftsman, etc.
  • Mandatory features: Such as built-in shelves, a kitchen nook, a large mudroom, etc.
  • Optional features: An extra laundry room, a spa, unique staircase design, etc.

Extra Features: Then there are all of the little extras you will need to ultimately decide on, such as light fixtures, moulding, paint color(s), door handles, appliances, entryway, and more. Having an idea of your likes and dislikes early on will ultimately save time and money.

Step 2: The Civic Contracting Custom Plan

Architectural Design:  You have the choice of working with your own architect, or we will present the best architect for your needs. The architect will design, draft, engineer, and oversee the construction of the structure, which will include all of your original input.

Site Review: While this is in progress, our crew will scope out the land to determine specifics. We will conduct a thorough site review to provide elevations, ground landscaping, site preparations, and more.

Construction Permits, Materials, Labor: Once the blueprints are finished and approved, our plan will include necessary construction permits, materials, and work teams. We like to be as comprehensive as possible during the entire process. If any revisions are needed, we will make them and provide the alternate plan for your approval.

Optional Features: Some optional features can be added to the home in the future, while some may be an integral part of the home’s structure. For example, optional features such as a dog run or basketball court can be added – room permitting. Other features such as a wet bar, may need to be considered early on due to the home’s plumbing.

Budget & Schedule: An itemized budget and construction schedule will be provided. You will be able to view options with associated costs to more easily decide on final details.  This is the best time to make any changes, particularly regarding features that may or may not be desired after the costs are nailed down.


Step 3: Welcome to Your Dream Home

Once the plan, budget, and schedule are approved, construction begins. Before you know it, construction ends, and you are ready for your thorough walk-through. At this time, we will tighten up any loose ends, if any as well as confirm that the final result reflects the original agreement.
We aim high! It is our mission to see ecstatic smiles on our clients’ faces, as we put our hearts, souls, and a multitude of skills into making your dream home even better than your vision.


Our Unique Process

Improve your life with a custom home. At Civic Contracting Ltd., we will turn your dream home into a reality.


Do you specialize in specific types of residential custom home building?2021-04-26T22:53:44-05:00

From single-family ranch-style custom homes to duplex designs to high-end luxury domiciles, we thrive on creating stunning homes of all types and styles. Our favorite projects include working with clients that are as enthusiastic as we are about producing the best outcome on time and on budget. Recently, we completed gorgeous properties in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, and Waterdown!

Does Civic Contracting provide any kind of guarantee?2021-04-26T22:53:07-05:00

Civic Contracting has been providing quality construction since 2016. We are licensed and insured. We are highly skilled and experienced and our reputation and references are excellent. And, yes we ensure 100% satisfaction on all of our construction projects!

Are there additional warranties we can count on?2021-04-26T22:52:34-05:00

Yes! You will receive warranty coverage for manufacturers’, suppliers’, and subcontractors’ products, such as appliances like a hot water heater or flooring material and the like. Claims for any faulty items should be made directly to the product provider.

What are the warranties we can expect from members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association?2021-04-26T22:52:14-05:00

In Ontario and other provinces, member builders must provide home buyers with a third-party warranty provider. This begins before you move in, which gives deposit protection and compensation for delayed occupancy.  Thereafter are three specific mandatory warranties: the one-year warranty, the two-year warranty, and the seven-year warranty covering major defects regarding the construction and its materials.

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