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After spending years in the same home, there are likely areas that require repairs and/ or renovation. Of course, there is always the option of moving, but if you truly love the area where you live and/or are in love with your home, it is more frugal to renovate than to buy and sell in a new locale.  Plus, specific enhancements will increase the property’s value, which means if you ever decide to sell, a greater profit will be realized. When the renovations include eco-friendly improvements, such as appliances, Energy Savings Rebates can save hundreds or more.

Many people live in homes that were always intended to be their forever home, which means that occasionally rooms in the house require freshening, particularly kitchens and bathrooms as they are the most heavily used rooms in the house. The cupboards, flooring, countertops, and appliances get more wear and tear than bedrooms or even living rooms, so take a hard look around. It might be time for a makeover, renovation, or remodel, depending on your specific needs.

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