Building a custom home can be a long and arduous task unless you work with a custom home builder that has helped design and construct numerous custom luxury homes. It takes expert journeymen, years of experience with a broad palette of materials, and the foresight to avoid potential pitfalls. New custom home contractors may have some of the skills. However, they likely lack the expertise that comes with experience.

Step 1: Developing Your Vision

The process starts with zeroing in on precisely what you have in mind. It can start with an idea, photos, a drawing, or a brainstorming session. An architect will help formulate the vision based on your “must-haves” and “wish list”.

Once the final plans and blueprints are completed and approved, it is time for the next critical stage.

Step 2: Custom Planning

The custom planning stage is detailed, as it includes all of the necessary elements. It starts with a Site Review. This step is generally accomplished while the architect completes the final blueprints.

  • Site Review: This critical phase is about scoping out the elevations, reviewing the ground landscaping, and preparing the site (measuring, grading, outlining, etc.)
  • Construction Permits: Construction cannot take place without the proper permits. The timeframe on a permit application for a house is ten days. If the structure is highly complex, it can take up to a month.
  • Materials: Most of the decisions regarding the exterior materials are made in advance. However, you will have choices to make during the planning stage that can affect the final cost of the custom home. Wander through stores or breeze through home décor magazines to get a better idea of general costs. For example, selecting cupboard and drawer knobs, shower tiles, flooring in each room, etc., are best decided during the planning stage.
  • Specialized Work Teams: Unless you’re in the custom home construction business, it is imperative to hire a team with all of the specialists the project will need. Hiring each specialist on your own is not recommended for several reasons, starting with the frustration of coordinating work schedules and ending with making sure each specialist’s work is guaranteed.

Step 3: Ready to Move In!

We always enjoy watching new custom homeowners step into their dream home for the first time. It is exhilarating to watch the smiles and sense the excitement as they walk around, astonished at how their vision came to life. It is as rewarding for the contractor as it is for the homeowner.

At Civic Contracting, we are pleased to be involved from start to finish. We can guide you to the right architect for your vision, or we can work with one you have selected. Our goal is the same as yours: to have the project result in a home for which we can all be proud.